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Everyone Loves Dogs (And Hopefully, Lawyers)

At Norton Pelt, we’re more than just a team of dedicated legal professionals; we’re also a family of dog lovers! Our furry office companions, Mattis, Mr. Skipper, and Daisy, aren’t just pets; they play a unique role in our daily operations. Each of them, with their distinct personality, mirrors certain legal principles in the most endearing ways. 

Mattis: The Gentle Giant Mediator

Mattis, our majestic 140-pound shepherd, is the personification of a gentle giant and an excellent office greeter. His demeanor is reflective of the qualities desired in trust and estate Law. Much like Mattis does, estate planning is about providing a sense of security and calm. His presence in our office is a daily reminder of how important it is to approach sensitive family matters with a gentle, understanding touch, especially when dealing with wills, trusts, and estate administration.

Although many people refer to General Mattis as “Mad Dog,” it was never a name that he used. His call sign was CHAOS, which stood for “Colonel Has An Outstanding Solution.” Once, our Mattis was in downtown Fredericksburg, and a man (who looked very much like a Marine) asked to pet our dog. When we told him our dog’s name, he said he knew General Mattis. Not only did he take a picture of our dog, but he sent it to General Mattis. We got a thumbs up for approval. 

Trust and estate law requires legal understanding and a mediator’s touch, balancing various family dynamics while executing legal duties. Mattis’s demeanor is reminiscent of the patience and careful planning required in this field. Whether drafting a will or managing the complexities of estate administration, the process requires a thorough, thoughtful approach, ensuring that all parties feel heard and respected, much like how Mattis attentively interacts with our clients.

Mr. Skipper: The Guardian ad Litem

Our golden retriever, Mr. Skipper (despite being called “Mister”) is the youngest of all our K9 professionals. His passions include an inherent love for playing and chewing on toys. He takes this too far when digging Post-It notes from the trashcan.

He epitomizes a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) with his goofy charm and eagerness to befriend everyone. In legal terms, a GAL represents the best interests of those who cannot represent themselves, such as children or incapacitated adults. Mr. Skipper’s playful yet protective nature is a perfect analogy for the role of a GAL, always looking out for others in a friendly, approachable manner.

A GAL plays a crucial role in cases involving minors or individuals needing unique representation. They ensure the legal system treats these individuals fairly and protects their rights. Mr. Skipper’s playful and attentive nature in our reception area is akin to how a GAL provides comfort and understanding in potentially intimidating legal scenarios. His presence is a daily reminder of the importance of compassion and vigilance in representing the vulnerable and voiceless in legal matters.

Daisy: The Keen Criminal Defense Attorney

Daisy is our Redbone Coonhoud. She is seven but is as serious as a dog twice her age. One of her most extraordinary skills, which is just downright impressive, is her ability to sniff out any treat within a mile of her. For example, she can go from an out-cold slumber to wide awake at the slightest sound being made by a food wrapper. 

She showcases the essential attributes of a criminal defense attorney. Her keen sense of smell and determination mirrors the meticulous attention to detail and tenacity needed in defending the accused. Criminal defense is about rigorously analyzing evidence and tirelessly advocating for clients’ rights, qualities that Daisy embodies in her daily dog duties.

Like Daisy’s instinctual abilities, criminal defense requires an unwavering commitment to justice and a sharp eye for detail. Defending a client in criminal proceedings involves a thorough understanding of the law, strategic thinking, and the ability to challenge evidence. Daisy’s determination and thoroughness reflect our attorneys’ dedication to the table, ensuring that every client’s case is scrutinized with the utmost care and defended vigorously.

Norton Pelt

Mattis, Mr. Skipper, and Daisy are more than just beloved pets; they reflect the core values and principles that guide us at Norton Pelt. Their unique personalities and behaviors provide daily lessons in empathy, diligence, and friendliness, which are crucial in the legal world. They might not know the law, but they know how to make our law firm more welcoming and compassionate for everyone. Schedule a consultation with us, and you may get a chance to meet them.

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