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We Love Serving Our Clients and are Proud of the Results We Provide

We are passionate about helping each of our clients and are proud of the results we achieve on their behalf. Take a moment to read through the testimonials written by these clients to learn more about the type of experience you can expect from us.

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One word describes Jason Pelt, WOW! One word for the firm’s paralegal Rene, AMAZING! Since day one they have worked diligently to provide the best legal defense on my behalf! Everything Jason said he was gonna shoot for in court, he’s gotten it done! He fights tooth and nail for justice! Hands down the best I’ve seen, and I can honestly say I can trust my life literally in his hands! Thanks again Jason and Rene.

Hampton O.

Martha represented me in a child custody trial involving my two young children. Without going into too much detail, the outcome was exactly what I asked for.

I sought representation from 5 other attorneys in the Northern Neck area. Martha was at the top of their list for my particular situation.

I’m active duty Army, and I highly recommend her to represent military fathers. She understood that my career as Service member didn’t hinder my ability to be a parent to my children.

Martha, thank you again for everything!


I’ve worked with several lawyers over the years, but by far, the most responsive and client-oriented has to be Mr. Pelt. I have been deeply impressed by the broad range of legal expertise that comes with retaining him. Highly recommend.


Jason was very responsive and reassured me every step of the way. I highly recommend their services.


Hands down the best in Stafford! If you’re looking for a respected, honest, and professional experience Norton Pelt is your answer. From start to finish they are working with you in mind not just another case. Don’t be fooled by the rest get the best Norton Pelt!


I would like to commend the work that Norton-Pelt has done for the men in our program. I am a facilitator at Crossroads Transition Home a residential addiction recovery ministry in Spotsylvania County. Our residents come to our program with many different situations that require expert legal counsel and Norton-Pelt has assisted us in numerous cases with professionalism and good counsel.

I would recommend Norton-Pelt to anyone in search of a competent attorney to represent them.


Where to even begin? Every time I have that little voice in the back of my head saying should I do this, should I do that, how will the affect my liability wise etc with business decisions, estate planning, real estate law etc. Levi is my go to! I have never been so thankful to have someone so knowledgeable in my corner protecting my assets and me that doesn’t seem like they just want to drag out a phone conversation Yo! Just get more billable hours. Levi has been a champ with great advice and helping me out in lots of different legal realms. Do yourself a favor, give him a call if you need a lawyer. You won’t be disappointed and his time is worth every penny! You won’t be disappointed!


From the first day of walking through the doors of Norton Pelt I have felt like family. Everyone is very welcoming and I have had to use their services for estate planing, civil litigation, and real estate issues. Hands down Levi & Martha are simply the greatest! Punctual and knowledgeable in every facet! You would be pressed to find better down to earth service.


I used Levi Norton recently to handle some legal documents. I was exceptionally pleased with his expertise and professionalism. He and his staff had such a caring manner and kept me informed as things progressed. I felt very at ease and was able to ask any necessary questions and got good sound advice of steps to take that were beneficial to me. I have also used Jason Pelt in the past on a couple of legal matters and the same applies to him and his staff. I highly recommend this Law Firm to anyone needing legal advice.


I have retained both Martha Norton and Jason Pelt on different occasions. Not only was I exceptionally pleased with their knowledge, expertise and professionalism but with the way they both cared for me as a person. When you need a lawyer and you “put your life in their hands”, it is unnerving to say the least. After the first meeting, with both of them, I felt very at ease and as if my friend was in my corner and had my back. Not like a number or just another checkbook. Martha and Jason are both great people and it shows in the effort and care they put into their work and clients. I highly recommend Martha Norton and Jason Pelt 100%!


I retained Martha Norton to help me close out my very difficult civil case. Her level of professionalism and care far exceeded what I experienced previously. She is not “money-hungry” but still represented me in a manner that was exemplary.


I retained Levi Norton for a dispute over a bank loan. He asked the right questions, obtained the necessary documents and took it from there, keeping me advised as the matter proceeded… a successful result.


Mrs. Norton is my attorney and she has been very attentive to all of my concerns. Mrs. Norton, as well as all of her associates, have gone above and beyond for my case and I couldn’t be more grateful.


This was our first experience needing legal assistance, and you made an otherwise difficult situation go as smoothly as possible with a favorable outcome. We have found an attorney who we can depend on and will use in the future if needed. Levi, I would like to thank you for all of your hard work.


I highly recommend Martha Norton! She is very organized and very professional! If you have her as your attorney you are in good hands! I’m so thankful for all her help with my case! She’s the best!


Over the years I have had contact with several members of the firm. They are all smart, work hard as a team, and are well respected in the community. I recommend them without hesitation.


Recently I had the privilege of working with Levi Norton. No one likes needing a lawyer, however, working with Levi and the rest of the staff sure made my problems get better. I would recommend them to anyone and have several times!


Martha Norton is an absolutely amazing woman and lawyer! I would recommend her to anyone who asked. One of the most hard-working, caring, and genuine people I’ve ever met.


A very friendly, caring and professional office. They brought a kind and human approach to the intimidating and no-fun legal process. They were willing to admit when further research and knowledge was needed and quickly pursue that information.


Gladly recommend attorney Levi Norton and paralegal Dawn Carter who provided invaluable assistance in a landlord-tenant dispute. They handled everything in a courteous, responsive manner. What I had imagined would be an arduous ordeal instead was just the opposite. Mr. Norton and Ms. Carter made it easy to understand every step of the way. It was a pleasure working with this firm and I look forward to their wise counsel for future legal representation.


I highly recommend Martha Norton for family law issues. Ms. Norton handled my laborious custody case with resolute tenacity. Not only did Ms. Norton handle herself as a professional attorney, but she also is devoted to her faith and has a good heart. This was the reason I knew that Ms. Norton would be honest with me at all times and honest in the courtroom. Her perseverance and integrity speaks for itself.


Jason Pelt in my experience is the best lawyer in Stafford… I’ve seen him in action multiple times in different types of cases and he always exceeds all expectations. If you’re looking for a lawyer, I swear you won’t lose with him defending you.