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Landlord & Tenant

Conflict Is Common Between Landlords & Tenants – Let Us Facilitate a Solution

The landlord-tenant relationship can be quite complex. When everything is going well, the two parties can get along great and everyone is happy. If there is a disagreement, however, it can quickly escalate because it is impacting money, and someone’s place to live. While it is certainly important to try to be compassionate in these situations (for both parties), it is also important to protect your legal rights. We offer help to both landlords and tenants, including services such as:

  • Evictions – We can help you to file for eviction if a tenant is not paying their rent, or has violated some portion of their lease. If you are being evicted, we can help you to fight the process and help protect your legal rights.
  • Living Condition Problems – If your landlord is not keeping your rental in good working order, you may have to take legal action to ensure you can live in a safe place. We can help to deescalate a situation and get the desired results.
  • Leases – Contracts between landlords and tenants need to be written properly to ensure everyone is clear on their rights and responsibilities.
  • Discrimination – Landlords are not allowed to discriminate against potential tenants in most cases. If you feel you have been discriminated against, we can help. If you are a landlord and have been unjustly accused of discrimination, we’ll help protect your rights too!

We Are Here for You

If you are facing any type of landlord-tenant dispute, it is important to talk with an attorney. Norton Pelt will provide you with an objective evaluation of the situation and help you to determine what the next steps should be. If legal action is required, we will represent you to get the results you need. Please contact us to schedule a consultation today.