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Expungement Laws In Va Are Changing In 2025

In 2025, Virginia will roll out significant changes to its expungement laws. These modifications provide broader opportunities for people to clear their criminal records. The new rules intend to make the process more inclusive, reflecting a shift in policy to aid not just the innocent but also those who have shown rehabilitation after a conviction. This update is crucial for many looking to erase the shadows cast by Read More

The TCJA Sunset Provision Should Encourage You To Build An Estate Plan Now

Though you may not know it, some people should feel a heightened sense of urgency regarding their estate plan. This is primarily due to the sunset provision in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which significantly alters the estate and gift tax exemption thresholds. Currently, these thresholds are at an all-time high. Because of the provision that we will discuss in more depth, this ACT offers a unique window of Read More

What The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) Means For Your Business

The introduction of the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) marks a turning point in how our government approaches business regulation. One of the aspects of this legislation that has forced us to give it so much attention is the impact it has on small business owners. Though we will elaborate more on that in the following sections, it has consequences for relatively small LLCs with assets such as family-owned vacation Read More

Understanding Contested Adoption Cases in Virginia

Adopting is a valid and honorable way to grow your family and secure your parental rights. However, the adoption process becomes more complex when faced with a contested adoption case—a scenario where a biological parent (or individual with current parental rights) decides to challenge the adoption process. This situation introduces many emotional, legal, and ethical challenges for prospective parents, transforming Read More

Everyone Loves Dogs (And Hopefully, Lawyers)

At Norton Pelt, we’re more than just a team of dedicated legal professionals; we’re also a family of dog lovers! Our furry office companions, Mattis, Mr. Skipper, and Daisy, aren't just pets; they play a unique role in our daily operations. Each of them, with their distinct personality, mirrors certain legal principles in the most endearing ways.  Mattis: The Gentle Giant Mediator Mattis, our majestic 140-pound Read More

Effective Strategies for Small Business Owners in Legal Disputes

Business owners are expected to manage various responsibilities in their daily routines. This includes overseeing operations and finances and ensuring your business complies with multiple laws and regulations. Legal disputes can be particularly challenging because they take time and resources that could otherwise be used to grow your business. Being prepared and knowledgeable about handling such disputes is crucial Read More

Social Media Is Information For The Other Side

Social media has given everyone a platform to express themselves. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are free and accessible sounding boards for personal moments, thoughts, and expressions. While they can be excellent communication tools, they also introduce significant challenges in a family law case. In custody and visitation proceedings as well as proceedings for monetary support, social media content Read More

Navigating Discovery in Family Law

Understanding family law cases requires exploring a critical phase known as the discovery process. Through it, your attorney can gain essential information about the other party’s case before trial. Because both sides will engage in it, the discovery process facilitates transparency. Through this systematic procedure, each party can understand the opponent’s case in-depth. The goal is to ensure the trial or Read More

Navigating the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA): A New Chapter in Disclosure

The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) introduces unparalleled transparency requirements for numerous legal entities. The Act demands that most entities disclose specific details concerning their owners, leaders, and key stakeholders to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). One of the more pervasive questions surrounding it—outside of its ramifications—is what sparked the initiation of the CTA. There was Read More

Can You Refuse a Breathalyzer in Virginia? Insight From Norton Pelt 

Driving under the influence (DUI) charges often come with a flurry of questions. Because of how many people consume alcohol recreationally, people generally offer a wide range of advice regarding your rights when you are pulled over. For instance, can you refuse a breathalyzer? At Norton Pelt, we understand the complexity and confusion that may surround these questions. When asked to take one, your decisions will Read More