Civil Litigation

Compassionate Representation for All Civil Litigation Concerns

There are many times when conflict arises between two or more parties. In most situations, the parties are able to come up with a solution on their own, but sometimes it is necessary to bring the conflict to the courts. When this happens it is called civil litigation. Some common examples of civil litigation cases are as follows:

  • Estate litigation including will contests, claims by the estate, claims against a trustee or executor, etc.
  • Contracts disputes between individuals, businesses, or an individual and a business
  • Problems related to construction projects, home repairs, or other related activities
  • Real estate disputes
  • Business debt collection
  • Dog bite incidents
  • Much More

When facing civil litigation, we can offer a variety of services to help protect you or your business’s legal rights. In many cases, we can offer arbitration, mediation, or settlement conferences (or represent you in one of these activities). This is a great way to get through a dispute without actually having to go to court. If going to court is necessary, our experienced trial attorneys provide you with strong representation tailored toward getting you the results you desire. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs today.